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Case Study 
Defense media network

Launched in 1997, The Defense Media Network is a single-source portal to all of Faircount’s defense related content online.


Web Design

Creative Process

Our creative process starts with a lot of questions to help us understand your business and your expectations allowing us to create a visually compelling story for the users

We use a lot of tools and processes to manage the creative process. These helps us reach the end-goal within the allocated time and budget

Time Management

Managing and prioritizing tasks in Trello helped us with time management


Having regular conversations with the client helped us align the development according to client’s vision

Market Research

This helped align the new design with the expectations of the ideal customer on the website

Team Management

Having a daily meeting for developers and prioritizing the items helped manage the team better

Revamp Purpose

The website had outgrown the design and very heavy with a lot of unstructured content. The website was also not responsive on mobile, tablet devices and high resolution screens. This did not represent their structured approach to defense news and their latest updates on the field of defense


Minimal Design

Responsive Design

Creative Idea

Improved User Experience

Improve the user experience to optimize the user engagement and trust

Brand Revamp

This involved updating the website for a minimalist and cleaner experience allowing the user to focus on the details

Adding New Elements

This invovled adding sliders, advertisements and rearranging the components for a cleaner look

A Word from our partner

In 20 years of working as a small business owner in web design and development, I’ve partnered with some talented and important developers.

Because I’m often being pulled in many directions, it’s crucial for me to have a dependable project lead that I can count on to keep things on track. Propulsive Tech is precisely that, as I rely on their ability to keep things moving when I am unavailable. 

Propulsive Tech recently headed up an important project for Faircount Media Group, a longtime client, in resurrecting Defense Media Group, one of their languishing IPs.  Under my direction, Propulsive Tech reskinned and repackaged a six-year-old site into a modern-looking, responsive, mobile-friendly destination that will serve as the cornerstone of revitalizing this revenue stream for Faircount.  Propulsive Tech handled the design, the development, and the troubleshooting while tirelessly assisting the clients in refining their vision. I couldn’t have done it without them!

The numbers

The updated site performed very well, increasing the page views and return users. There was also a 20% increase in social following. 

  • Page views – 25%
  • Return Users – 22%
  • Social Following – 20%

The updated website was built with a revamped user experience allowing the user to focus on the content, optimized for mobile and tablet and having unobtrusive advertising

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