We ensure that the company’s technology works smoothly and seamlessly, so Vengreso can do what it does spectacularly well:

✪ provide the best digital sales and consulting training service in the world ✪ 


Convertiply is a tool we developed for one of our clients which helps Maximize Email Captures so that you can Nurture your Prospects even after they leave your Website. Stay on their Top of Mind until they are ready to Buy.

Lam Research

Lam Research is a Fortune 500 company providing innovative technology and productive solutions to the semiconductor industry. We helped Lam’s rebrand for all their global websites. The role involved writing walkers to manage the website using a drag and drop tool.


We helped with the frontend and backend architecture and development of the Yeloni WordPress plugin. Interacting with the marketing and sales team, we worked to ensure the pricing and user experiences were aligned with that of the buyer persona.

Guardian Review Software

We helped with the frontend, backend development and also for integrating Facebook and Google API’s into the app. As the original code was poorly written and unscalable for the product’s growing needs, we redesigned the architecture from scratch in only two months.